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  4. Idris Elba & Lucy Liu at the HBO 2014 Emmys After Party - 08/25/2014

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    BBC one’s Sherlock Emmy trailer :)

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    "I’d like to dedicate this award to all the Sneaky Petes of the world who thought that maybe settling for mediocrity was a good idea because it was safe — don’t do it. Take a chance. Take a risk. Find that passion and rekindle it. Fall in love all over again, it’s really worth it."

    Bryan Cranston, Emmys 2014 acceptance speech

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    Natalie Dormer & Lucy Liu at HBO’s Emmys After Party (Aug 25)

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    Winners Circle: Inside the Emmys Photo Booth (People Magazine)
    "It’s been a good run! The unstoppable Breaking Bad team – Anna Gunn, Aaron Paul, Bryan Cranston and director Vince Gilligan – earned five awards for the night, and show exactly how to go out in style."

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